Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sara in NODA

For those who don't live in Charlotte, NODA is North Davidson St. NODA is an arts district and full of interest and color. Sara met me there yesterday for a fun session. Here are a few of the results.
I love the blue wall and how the window sort of frames Sara.

fun colors in the brick. I really like in close shots like this.

in close again and I love the contrasting colors in the brick.

This is what NODA has to offer - lots of murals.

this was just too hard to pass up.

Sara thought it was funny :)

just part of the crowd.

in NODA everything is a prop from the colorful, tile benches to the work equipment in the background.

railroad tracks always make a great setting. while we were shooting this, there is another track 1 block away and I heard a train whistle. I thought it was on the other track, but I thought maybe I should look behind me just to check!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More of Alyse

When Alyse came, we did not focus on the gloves, although we did do a couple of shots with them. We had a lot of fun creating images with various outfits. The last one is a dress with a peacock feather pattern. That immediately inspired me for our next project together. I am waiting for props to arrive, but keep watching for some more great images with Alyse.
The layers in the skirt look great. I love texture in fabrics.

Creative cropping

A confident look.

Wow - she can model and talk on the phone at the same time. Wait a minute - isn't that illegal? I guess only if she's driving too!

And the peacock dress! Look for this to make a repeat appearance!