Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gloves meets Classy

Denita stopped by to try on the gloves and show her style. She demonstrated what happens when classy meets the gloves. We had a fantastic time and created a lot of great images. Here are a few.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Alyse's mom is the sister of the groom in a wedding that I shot recently. (Don't bother trying to figure it out!) Alyse is an awesome model and she came by for some test shots. Of course, I had her try out the gloves. Some people may think I am a bit obsessive at this point. Really, I will move on to other things someday. Just a few more! Here are Alyse's results.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Lynda with gloves

Lynda and Christina came together so we went back and forth shooting.

I really like close up shots. Lynda has great hair for the one eye shot too.

This dress was awesome on the black. The white lines give definition for the dress but it still blends with the black background. White gloves were perfect.

This was my favorite shot because it has an ecelctic mix of elements. We tried the one glove idea. Her pose, the one glove, the wild shirt, the white belt, and Lynda's personality all come together for a great photo.

more gloves

Last week, I had the pleasure of having Lynda and Christina come for sessions with the gloves. It has been interesting to see how different people interpret simple props like gloves. I am starting to think of new props that could be really fun too. Here is the first shot with Christina.

I really like how the black dress disappears against the black background. It leaves her face to really pop out and the white gloves create a frame.

When I saw this dress I was excited about the white stripes. Along with the gloves, they create nice framing elements.

Again the white lines work great on the black background and with the white gloves.

You've just gotta love red! And withe black gloves, it's awesome.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Glove Project Day 2

After Samantha, Lindsay came to try on the gloves. It is fun to see how different people see the same challenge in different ways. Lindsay came with a friend and the two of them came up with great ideas. It's fun to collaborate with others because each person will contribute ideas that inspire the others to think of new things.

If you feel inspired to try on the gloves, send me an email at

Glove Project

I found a photo in a bridal magazine several months back that caught my attention. It was a bride from the back pulling on a long white glove up to her elbow. I started thinking about all the things you could do with a pair of gloves and eventually put thoughts to action. A trip to the mall to get gloves was discouraging. They told me that none of the stores sell them. I should have known that online was the best place to start. If you get inspired to get gloves, check out and you will most likely find what you are looking for. Anyway, I found three pairs - white satin, black satin, and lace. Now, to find models. In choosing models, I tell them about the gloves and to think about what they make you feel. They are free to choose clothes and looks that express what they want.

My first model was Samantha. She loved the idea and even brought her own makeup artist. Here are a few of the images from her session.

This is too much fiun. I need to find more models.

Day One

Everything needs a beginning and this is mine. Each day is a gift from God. Waking up in the morning is not a promise or a guarantee. Therefore, when the sun rises, there are new opportunities and new adventures to be lived.

Each of us needs a creative outlet - something that we do just for fun, because we like doing it. For me, I love to do photography projects. Not jobs that I get paid for, not shooting someone's wedding, but projects that I do just for fun and creative exploration.

If you read this and think of fun ideas that someone should try, then let me know. It might be something that I would like to do too.

Come along and share my world.