Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Glove Project

I found a photo in a bridal magazine several months back that caught my attention. It was a bride from the back pulling on a long white glove up to her elbow. I started thinking about all the things you could do with a pair of gloves and eventually put thoughts to action. A trip to the mall to get gloves was discouraging. They told me that none of the stores sell them. I should have known that online was the best place to start. If you get inspired to get gloves, check out http://www.greatglovesonline.com/ and you will most likely find what you are looking for. Anyway, I found three pairs - white satin, black satin, and lace. Now, to find models. In choosing models, I tell them about the gloves and to think about what they make you feel. They are free to choose clothes and looks that express what they want.

My first model was Samantha. She loved the idea and even brought her own makeup artist. Here are a few of the images from her session.

This is too much fiun. I need to find more models.

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